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Criss Cross

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Criss Cross image
Criss Cross Criss Cross
Criss Cross image
Criss Cross image
Criss Cross Criss Cross

A super-simple and addictive game where players have to transfer the symbols rolled to the grid of the block sheet. The more identical symbols are grouped, the more points can be scored. The game is as simple as Sudoku and can also be played alone.

How it is played:

2 dice are rolled and each player has to draw these symbols into their sheet following very simple rules:

  • the two symbols have to be drawn in orthogonally adjacent fields. (Single fields previously surrounded with symbols will never be filled.)
  • as long as there are adjacent spaces, the symbols must be entered.

The game ends when the sheets are filled or there are no legal adjacent spaces left.

Scoring is based on sets found within each line.

  • 2 points – for each directly adjacent pair of symbols
  • 3 points -for each directly adjacent 3 of a kind
  • 8 points – for each directly adjacent 4 of a kind
  • 10 points – for each 5-of-a-kind – that is the entire line comprised on the same icon
  • (-5 points) – for each row which does not score positive points.

Each line is scored individually, and the score is written under the column, the right of the row or either end of the diagonal. Sum them all up and the player with the most points wins the game! Ties go to the player with the highest single line score.

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An awesome Filler designed by Reiner Knizia. I am very glad it's been published by yes papa games making it very cheaper. It takes 2 mins to explain and 10 mins to play. A must buy Roll and Write game.

Pradeepkumar    20/03/2021



Thanks BoardGamesIndia for sending this awesome game.

Ravi   13/04/2021

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Game Details

BGG Link:BGG Link
Game Type: Family Games
Game Categories: Dice
Game Mechanisms: Dice Rolling | Paper-and-Pencil | Pattern Building
Game Family: Components: Dice with Icons | Mechanism: Roll-and-Write
Game Designer(s): Reiner Knizia
Game Artist(s): Heiko Günther | Kreativbunker
BGG Rank Overall:4871
BGG Weight:1
BGG Weight Filter: <2

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