We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

– George Bernard Shaw –

Vibrant Hobbies LLP was founded in the year 2014, to promote various hobbies in India.

We are catering to the needs of RC Hobby modelers and builders with branded products through our online website rchyper.com since 2014.

We have ventured into publishing, distribution & retail of board games since beginning of 2020.


We aim to strengthen family ties through the creation of a fun yet mentally stimulating atmosphere to be provided by board games, allowing parents and children to share their lives/spend quality time together, while gaining relevant skills and practicing critical thinking that they can apply in their daily lives.


To be the preferred partner of the family in creating moments of togetherness while simultaneously developing its member’s intellect and social skills.

Meet our Team

Our team is committed to satisfy all of your board gaming needs with our ever growing collection of games, superior service and great prices.

Mr. R R

Strategic Advisor

An engineer by profession and board gamer by passion. He has played a significant role in the growth of the board game community locally, now on a mission to spread it globally with his vast experience and expertise.

Kumaran Mani

Managing Director

A NRI & Engineer by profession. His interest in board games lead to establish Games United Company, a publisher, distributor and retailer in Kuwait. He is set with a mission of bringing award winning board and card games to India.

Velan Mani

Director – Operations

He is our man of action. He doesn’t like to keep anything pending more than 10 minutes. When he sees an order, he has a mission to send a tracking number to the customer within 10 minutes.


Director - Sales & Marketing

A science Graduate and MBA in Marketing. Give him anything he will sell it but only if he is satisfied. With his two decades of sales & marketing experience he is with a mission to spread board and card games to the mass.

What we do !

We are assuming multiples roles in the Board Games market in order to keep our cost under control and offer you the games at an affordable prices.


We have partnered with multiple international publishers and publishing their games for India & Middle East.
We have acquired license for 100+ games and publishing them for India.
Check the category under Made in India for our published games.


We distribute board games from international publishers to your Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS), Online stores & Board Game cafes in India.

If you manage a distribuition business, hobby store, bookstore, board game cafe or any venue where our collection would complement yours, please contact us to discuss.


We are into retailing board games through this online website and amazon.in. This is a way to understand our customer requirements.

Currently, we are in online mode, but soon we will be opening up retail brick and mortor stores in metros alongwith our distribuition/retail partners.