I got to know about BGI about a year and a half back. Since then I must have ordered 50 odd games from them. Earlier I used to order from other sellers too. but I have stopped that and BGI has become my go to store for my favourite hobby- games. What I like about BGI 1. Always have best collection of games 2. Best packaging among all sellers of games in India 3. Great after sales service. It is possible a game has missing components or game was received in a bad condition. They do their best to resolve any customer grievance. I have recommended many of my friends to buy from them. I have been in this hobby for over 2 decades now and I know what difference BGI has brought in my life.

– Abhishek Sabat

I’ve personally met Mr. Kumaran IRL, and have seen him engage the community in a positive way. BGI helps fulfill the dreams of 1000s of Indian Boardgamers who were earlier dependant on Mules or 2nd hand market to get the best, the greatest, the classics and anything in Boardgames. With the distributors BGI explores, they bring what’s new and even fulfill special requests in a few months. We are truly blessed to get this Game Store in india

– Abhishek Thakkar

Fresh air in board game hobby. Superb service and professional execution. Many games were out of reach to me till I get introduced to BGI. They have good collection of games at reasonable price! They reached to this level is also because their live towards board games as well. I am happy to get on

– Achal Shah

Amazing collection of games! Among my two top favourite places to get board games in India.

– Anand M

I had ordered more than 20 board games over the past few months. Each time I had received those games, I was terribly impressed with the packing and the faster shipping. BGI offers a lots of board games at affordable prices. The BGI site also has provision to back kickstarter games which is really commendable. And there’s a separate tab just for games “Made in India”. Many games which have been difficult to get, have been made available on request, that too on a budget price. The customer service is great and quick too. Kudos to BGI for the great work in the Board game segment.

– Anbarasu Vinayagom

Mr. Kumaran and Board Games India is the way to go if you are looking to purchase any International as well as Indian Board Games. The price of the games is very reasonable and many games are even priced less as compared to the price on other websites both international or national. I have ordered many games from BGI some of which are very hard to find elsewhere as well as many recent and upcoming games (pre-ordered). Some of them are even Kickstarter Editions with all the inclusive Stretch Goals delivered to my doorstep with no hassles of any customs or any taxes. There are no dented or damaged boxes due to the phenomenal packaging, the delivery speeds are superb, the customer service and support are very good. Thanks Mr.Kumaran and BGI. I wish you all the success.

– Debajeet G

BoardGamesIndia has been responsible for making available several modern board games in India for competitive prices, including several Kickstarters. I have placed several orders for my son, and the packaging and delivery has been top-notch every time. It is our #1 board game shopping destination in India.

– Rajiv Ratnam

BGI has revitalized the board gaming market in India, with their painstaking efforts to bring a wider variety of games at excellent prices.

– Shaleen Harlalka

I thank BGI and Mr. Kumaran for getting international games to India at the most reasonable affordable prices. Right from ordering the product till having received it, everything was perfect. I was well updated and informed regarding my order at every step and mail response was excellent. The product received too was in top class packaging and in excellent shape. Overall the experience with BGI was amazing. I wholeheartedly thank all of them once again.

– Syeda Amatul Haiy

BGI has been a fresh air in the Indian Board Game market, with bringing KS games in reasonable price.

– Aishwarya

Love BGIs efforts in bringing a lot of the amazing games from the international markets at affordable prices. Slowly making this hobby more and more affordable and mainstream in India.

– Akhil Premraj

Have ordered 10 times from website. Each time great packaging, timely delivery and great prices. One of the few websites you can order kickstarter games as well at excellent prices ( price include shipping as well as custom charges as well ). To top all of this, an excellent customer support system as well.

– Aman Vij

The best place to get the board games in India. Reasonably priced and quick procurement. BGI has played a big role in enhancing the boardgame ecosystem in India. Kudos…. Keep it up !!

– Amish Dugar

Amazing service and availability. I always look towards BGI first for any game I want. BGI has delivered an amazing collection at am affordable rate.!

– Ashutosh

The best place to get games in India, hands down! Excellent prices, Kickstarter editions and a great delivery experience!

– Barath

Board Games India is a definitive destination for board-game lovers in India. Your best bet to procuring erstwhile hard to source Kickstarter projects at affordable pricing. The team is embedded deep within the community and works hard to fulfill our countless requests. They are active and responsive across multiple channels of communication. There is care and dedication right from the get-go to the final delivery fulfillment of the game. They make the unboxing a gamer’s delight! More power to you Kumaran & team!

– Harish Shankaran

Prior to BoardgameIndia, BG hobby always seems to be unreasonable in terms of price and availability, Since BGI footprint in India, Big thankyou to Mr. Kumaran, He made this hobby reach to maximum people by getting international games to India at the most reasonable prices.

– Kunal Kulkarni

Prior to BoardgameIndia, BG hobby always seems to be unreasonable in terms of price and availability, Since BGI footprint in India, Big thankyou to Mr. Kumaran, He made this hobby reach to maximum people by getting international games to India at the most reasonable prices.

– Prasanti P

The best in Business. Supreme service and wow packaging. And to top it all amazing prices for the board games that were hard to even find in India. These guys have made Board Games easily available for everyone in India.

– Pratik Goel

Board Games India is a blessing for hobby board gamers in India. Never have I experienced such a good selection with such good rates. On top of that, the overall customer service is also great. You can be sure that these people actually love the hobby as much as you do.

– Zoheb